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 EHANG Beauty Equipment Co.,Ltd. (The original HAO HEALTH Co.,Ltd.) established in 1994 in Taiwan, and started the market research and plan in China in 2000.The company officially entered China market in 2001 by registering EHANG Beauty Equipment Co.,Ltd in DongGuan City Canton Province. The company is a high technology enterprise which unifies R&D and, manufacture sales for medical treatment equipment,beauty care equipment, digital photography, software into one system. 

EHANG is our privately registered trade name. Ehang Co.Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer/exporter, possesses 10- year experience in developing & supplying a series of Video Microscopes (Video Camera).

Our Products: 
Iriscope, Iridology camera, Iris camera, Iridology software, and Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, beauty equipment including Skin Scope, Skin Anaylsis, Skin Analyzer, Hair Scope, Hair Analysis/AnalyzerMicroscope and medical treatment equipment including Dental Intraoral Cameras, Teeth whitening light/lamp, Dental Equipment...etc,



The Video Microscope is a real smart tool, helps a lot in any kind of quality inspections:
a. Beauty inspection: clinic, skin / hair salon, cosmetic company, etc.
b. Medical / healthy care inspection: preventive medicine, healthy food promotion.
c. Industrial inspection: Electronics, Semi-conductor, Fiber Fabric, Module, Chemical & Mechanical, etc.



It’s a perfect equipment for Iris/skin/hair/Dental/microcirculation inspection.. We are offering changeable lenses for various applications:  

※ 1X or 1X-5X lens for styling purpose,
※ 30X 
lens let you diagnose and analyse the iris condition clear quickly on the screen. 
※ 50X lens for all skin inspection;

※ 50XP polarized lens for skin pigment stains, capillary diffusion analysis; 
※ 250X lens for hair root, scalp inspection; 
※ 650X lens for hair cuticle inspection. 

The purchaser includes: cosmetics company, equipment supplier, medical person, direct sale company, salon owner, school…, etc. 

Quality Control:(QA/QC Introduction)
We carry strict quality control in every production process from preparation, inserting PCB, welding makeup, debugging, assembly, aging, and packing all through to delivery. Our stringent quality testing is implemented in conformity with CE and UL standards. The product return ratio is less than 1%. Some materials are sourced from Japan and the Taiwan area.

Ehang Co.Ltd. can magnify the real skin/hair conditions on TV set or color monitor screen. The focused image is vivid and has high clarity. By means of the vivid image, the beautician (or doctor) can help to simultaneously observe and analyze skin/hair condition for the client, recommend the appropriate skin / hair care products or treatment for the client, in order to create the sales of skin / hair care products. On the other hand, by using the iris lens, the iridology expert can easily get the clear iris image and judge (diagnose) the hiding focus of disease or the existing harm of organs for the client; by using the microcirculation lens, the expert can observe the thickness, shape of blood vessels and the speed of blood-flow for his client’s nail-tip. These are all of much help for the experts to suggest appropriate healthy care products or treatment. Such a perfect tool can really build up a new level of trust & reliability between the salons and their clients, and even improve the salons’ standard & enliven the salon-going experience.

Our EHANG range covers professional type, economical type, low cost type, etc. Each type, at different price level ,will meet any client’s demand. In other words, the clients will have more choices to decide which model they may need. 

FCC, CE Certification

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